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What Is Whole-Brain Learning?:

The key to a long, happy, interesting and fulfilling life is the ability to be able to recognize what is missing and implement what we want. Be it caring relationships, the career of your dreams…

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a methodology co-created by Dr. Richard Bandler. NLP techniques, utilized for over 30 years, have been incorporated into all areas of coaching, teaching and applied mental health…

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Design Human Engineering:

Attracting the ‘life you want’ topics are common today. Consider the skills and tools required to design a spectacular life instead of merely attracting it. Imagination alone will not do it. Beyond science fantasy, these tools exist today. Created by Dr. Richard Bandler, DHE™ is a methodology of building…

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Ericksonian Hypnosis:

Techniques based upon Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD whose conversational hypnosis skill fostered profound permanent results…

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Customer Testimonials

Overcame Addiction and Compulsion

After one session:

Things are going really good and busy (a good busy).   Adjusting to the “new” me is very rewarding. I now find myself doing certain things with great ease that I once feared and was hesitant towards.  Now that the “cloud” has been lifted, I find myself more task oriented and more adept at quickly moving from one to another and feeling an overall sense of 47 Meters Down trailer

The challenge I face now is coming to term with all the tasks I have and properly prioritizing them.  I find myself responding to external stimuli in more productive and tangible ways, leading to a greater sense of self-realization with all that I have to do.  This is challenging, but extremely rewarding… building a growing a set of pleasurable, goal-oriented tasks and finding comfort in the “chaos” of the real world.  

- Samir P., Central NJ
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