Overcame Addiction and Compulsion

After one session:

Things are going really good and busy (a good busy).   Adjusting to the “new” me is very rewarding. I now find myself doing certain things with great ease that I once feared and was hesitant towards.  Now that the “cloud” has been lifted, I find myself more task oriented and more adept at quickly moving from one to another and feeling an overall sense of progress.film 47 Meters Down trailer

The challenge I face now is coming to term with all the tasks I have and properly prioritizing them.  I find myself responding to external stimuli in more productive and tangible ways, leading to a greater sense of self-realization with all that I have to do.  This is challenging, but extremely rewarding… building a growing a set of pleasurable, goal-oriented tasks and finding comfort in the “chaos” of the real world.  

-Samir P., Central NJ