Caregiver Relief: Jeff’s Story

Filled Under: Caregiver Relief: Jeff's Story | Posted on September 28, 2010
Read about Jeff’s story as a family caregiver and how the skills he has both learned and created can help you too.

My Story

Hi, my name is Jeff Schoener and I am just like you.

It doesn’t really matter what brought you to caregiving.  What does matter is that you currently live a stressful life in the service of others. You know you need some type of mental and emotional relief. How do I know?  I, like you became a caregiver to my ailing elderly parents.  My sister said that it was because I was single and available, yet there was something more.  I became an advocate for their well‐being and for their protection.

This took a great deal of time and added more emotional tension to my life then I planned.  The day‐to‐day anxiety began to take a toll.  I became exhausted both mentally and physically.  I also felt emotionally trapped. As tired as I became, I still had to tend to my parents and produce on my job.  I developed some skills that served my situation.

Later as I learned NLP and DHE™ I helped to evolve these skills into extremely useful, fun and quick exercises.  More than coping skills you will be able to integrate these into your daily lives. I have helped many who have dedicated even a part of their lives in the care of another.  I did it for my own parents and will continue in service to you.

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