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The Caregiver’s Relief Kit Reviews

Filled Under: The Caregiver's Relief Kit Reviews | Posted on February 23, 2010

We in the medical field have been trained to take care of patients, but often forget about the caregiver. As a neurologist that specializes in Parkinson’s disease and dementia I have learned that if the caregiver does not take care of themselves, the patient that I am treating may not get better. I often turn to the caregiver after examining the patient and ask them, “and how are you doing?” Very often they get teary and cannot believe that someone actually cares about their well being too. At times they even feel guilty that time is given to them instead of the patient.

There is finally a CD that will teach the caregiver how to take a moment and recharge their energy. The Caregiver’s Relief Kit has two tracks besides the introduction. Each track is a full meditation on its own about 10 to 12 minutes long. The caregiver can decide whether to do both meditations, or if they are pressed for time just do one. The caregiver will learn not only how to feel more balanced throughout the day, but also how to live guilt-free when taking a moment for themselves. This is why I am very excited about The Caregiver’s Relief Kit and fully recommend it.- Anette Nieves, MD, Movement Disorder Specialist, Ocala Regional Medical Center, Ocala, Florida

As a physician in both an ICU and operating room setting, I know what its like to sometimes have the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Whether you are a professional caregiver or one who is responsible for the daily well being of a loved one, there has to be some respite from the constant pressure.  This product is perfect for both the wind-down I need at the end of a long day taking care of sick patients and for the pick-me-up I need to begin my day or get back to work after the weekend.  This Caregivers Relief package combines deep breathing and meditation techniques along with Jeff’s NLP techniques and it leaves me feeling relaxed or up to tackling any task depending on which exercises I choose to do.  I don’t know exactly how it works, it just does.  That’s why I recommend the Caregiver’s Relief Kit to my colleagues and to my patient’s caregivers.

Thank You Neuro-Enhancement Strategies – Ezra Kassin, M.D. Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dept. of Anesthesiology, New York

When the swine flue vaccine was scarce this fall, the government indicated that pregnant women and health care workers should have priority in getting vaccinated. This is because the health care worker is constantly being exposed to possible infectious transmissions of sources of sickness. This not only happens on the physical level.

It also happens on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We health care workers are constantly being bombarded by negative influences on all levels of existence. The Caregiver’s Relief Kit is like taking a shower that cleanses us on all of these levels transforming stress into vitality. It is an invaluable tool that all working professionals should use to maintain proper inner balance and sense of well being in a toxic environment.  —  David Kim, Graduate Nursing Student, Chicago, Illinois

This is a great product for anybody who is a Caregiver. I use it all the time and always benefit from it. Once you start listening to this you will never want to live without it. Thanks so much for this, Jeff Schoener! – Susanna Galer, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Fantastic CD for Change! One of my out of province students had dinner with me, and told me about a conversation over the phone, he had the previous evening with a friend who lived about 6 hours from Toronto. This friend was taking care of her mother, and family, and working, and going to school part time, and was a her wits end, when that day they told her she might have breast cancer.  He did what he could over the phone, and ask my advice.  I said (without so much as a blink of my eye)  I have a cd that was created by one of the most gifted and caring NLP Trainers I have ever met.  Let’s send it to her!  The next day after tearing apart my apartment, we mailed the cd to her.

Needless to say, she listened to it many times…….it gave her comfort just listening to the cd……then she put a plan together to get additional assistance, so she wasn’t doing everything and could get some rest.  When she went for the tests she was calm, and unafraid of the results…….which as you can imagine…….were all good!

So if that is what the first version can do, imagine the magic in the Professional’s Edition.  Keep up the good work! ”  – Elizabeth Payea-Butler, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP , NLP Possibilities with DHE, Toronto, Cananda

I have not enough words to say “Big Thanks” for all the important and valuable information that you have put in your Caregiver´s cd !! Your cd have helped me in amazing ways !! And it is not only the valuable information, it is also how you display and put the information in a way that go directly to our minds, brains, hearts and souls, and produces a deep , positive and necessary positive change!! The Caregiver´s cd of Jeff Schoener is a very powerful, strong and practical tool of deep change for all people that are in any caregiver activity, and not only for them but also for everybody!! I highly recommend listening to the Caregiver Relief cd !! It will produce a very important change in your life!! – José Torres, Licensed NLP Master Trainer approved by Dr. Richard Bandler®, John La Valle and The Society of NLP™, Ecuador-South America