Just Before…The Memory & Sensory Enhancement Guide Book Reviews

Filled Under: Just Before...Reviews | Posted on February 23, 2010

“When I first read ‘Just Before…’ I recall thinking that it would be good exercise for my patients with dementia. It definitely would help any patient that has memory problems including strokes, brain trauma/injury, and seizures.” –  Dr. Anette Nieves, Parkinson’s Specialist, Director of Movement Disorders, Ocala Regional Medical Center, Ocala,  Florida

“In a thoughtful mode, having just finished reading Jeff Schoener’s book Just Before.  The book took me on a journey inside, as I began to remember so many wonderful experiences from my past. And the more I read, the easier it got to go into that state and the more vivid and wonderful memories came to mind… It was a strange feeling. I’m used to going back to being childlike,  not so used to growing up, especially like that. It felt strange but I didn’t want to put it down, I had to keep going and I found that each memory was more appealing than the last, each one more vivid as I entered that state. Very cool.” – Tina Taylor, Licensed Master Trainer and Practitioner of NLP , Clinical Hypnotherapist, UK

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