Our Success Model

We operate on a success model, not just a remedy.

Failure is not an option, it is mandatory! Whatever do we mean by this?

How is failure perceived? We regard failure, not as something to be afraid or avoid, but rather a significant growth step in flexibility to learning and gaining further awareness as to what works for each individual, in order to attain prolonged and repeatable successes.

Because our programs are individualized, Rapid Flexibility and Adjustment in teaching styles, learning styles and Activation styles are an example of how Trial and Error can be utilized advantageously to our success model.

Using individual and personal motivations, specific measurable elements are used to gauge and benchmark against progress.

When adjusting people’s behavior through re-patterning, motivations, desire and commitment, this becomes the cornerstone of why what we do really works! We get measurable results you can feel!

When a client chooses us and vice-versa, far more energy, experience, specific skills and tools are gained as measureable benefits. Consider these elements in terms of how much more you will gain in a shorter time compared to years of hit-or-miss progress and small successes bench-marked in standard therapy.

For a Life by Design, designed by you, you are the most important contributor. We are your vehicle towards that means. We want results.  We want our clients to easily achieve those results!

We value you, which is why we are committed to investing our time and resources to your success.  Shouldn’t you value yourself just as much?

This is why we carefully evaluate if this is right for your and who we decide to be optimum candidates for our programs for your long-term success.

What is Whole-Brain Learning?

The key to a long, happy, interesting and fulfilling life is the ability to be able to recognize what is missing and implement what we want.  Be it caring relationships, the career of your dreams, a particular lifestyle that you desire, the essential formula is to be able to differentiate our wants from our don’t-wants.  How can you begin to clarify, focus upon and start implementing these strategies?

Let us help you.

We at Neuro-Enhancement Strategies incorporate proven powerful and successful tools into our learning techniques combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering and Integrated Energy Therapy into a winning whole-brain learning system that facilitates immediate and long-lasting change that you can maintain yourself once you learn them.  The results are often felt immediately.

How these remarkable techniques work are by retraining our brains to link everyday conscious and common activities and decision strategies, such as going to work or choosing your wardrobe with more unconscious behaviors and automatic processes like breathing or quenching your thirst, allowing you to break old unhealthy patterns and create new and more helpful ways to achieve your goals.

Your treatment program is created based upon your individual needs.  A healthy blend of NLP, DHE™, IET™ and Ericksonion Hypnosis creates new long-lasting and even permanent rapid behavioral changes. Learn to use these skills and tools that millions of successful and wealthy people have used to incorporate into their decision-making, extending to every area of our lives towards success, happiness & fulfillment

Neuro-Linguistic Programmingnlplogo_intl_small_

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a therapeutic technique to detect and reprogram unconscious patterns of thought and behaviour in order to alter psychological responses. The basic principle of NLP is that an individual has the power to change their own subconscious programming for the better.” ~ Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a methodology co-created by Dr. Richard Bandler.  NLP techniques, utilized for over 30 years, have been incorporated into all areas of coaching, teaching and applied mental health.  Realizing that fear and limitations are learned within milliseconds.  These fears are commonly referred to as phobias.  It is because we learn rapidly how to fear, why not use these same learning tools to create new and useful habits and patterns that you will want to embrace for a lifetime.  In linking clarity in decision-making strategies, powerful good feelings and useful intentions that will compel you into solid creative, committed actions your conscious needs align with your unconscious wants into an automatic process bringing your behavior easily and directly into the very same direction.

Learn about our Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ Training Program and become a Licensed Practitioner certified by Dr. Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP™.

Design Human Engineering™

Attracting the ‘life you want’ topics are common today.  Consider the skills and tools required to design a spectacular life instead of merely attracting it.  Imagination alone will not do it.  Beyond science fantasy, these tools exist today.  Created by Dr. Richard Bandler, DHE™ is a methodology of building simultaneous positive strategies, accessing awareness and learned skills that allow us to achieve our goals in new successful ways.  These skills are immediate and can be incorporated easily. We use DHE techniques creating a fun and unique learning environment, allowing more profound  and long-lasting healing than in conventional therapy.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Techniques based upon Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD whose conversational hypnosis skill fostered profound permanent results.  Dr. Erickson’s work was and still remains the basis and model for extended behavioral reprogramming techniques such as modern clinical hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Integrated Energy Therapy™

Energy modalities have been in use for centuries in healing.  From magnets to acupuncture, all are based upon energy flow and release programs.  These have been used to reduce pain and suffering as well as increase mental focus in the realms of emotional and physical healing.  IET™ is an energy healing system that utilizes different frequencies of subtle energy in order to increase flow and accelerate natural health.  IET™ promotes intentional healing and recharges our body’s electro-magnetic field. This system works hands-on or at a distance.

Re-Educating the Mind-Body Process

The mind-body process is when we are able to effectively utilize brain-language to increase the significance of communication with ourselves internally as well as externally and those around us. As we communicate, so does our physiology proceed to correspond. But how do we know what we are telling ourselves? What are we really conveying to ourselves that so often leaves us in disharmony? Discontentment and despair over fears, addictions and obsessions is rampant where ever we turn. Wanting to, yet being afraid of overcoming hangups and destructive relationship patterns, finding comfort within discomfort , is not the road to a healthy life.

So, what sort of language usage is beneficial to our emotional and physical well-being and what use of language is detrimental? What is our pure intent and how do we know when it’s pure, devoid of doubts and fears? We at Neuro-Enhancement Strategies are devoted to this re-education of the mind-body process to complete mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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