Case Histories

My practice and expertise is generally the last place my client seeks.  Partially desperate and partially expecting yet another failure, people come to me this way & go away proud and pleasantly surprised. I lead my clients into the direction of hope, strength and determination bringing them closer to the fulfillment of their dreams.

Many personal limiting issues hold a high degree of shame, low self-esteem and unfair judgment.  My best and most successful clients are the ones who have attempted standard therapy models without permanent success.

My treatment is based on the following philosophy

  • Individual Respect without Judgment for anyone who wants or needs help.  Respect allows extra levels of client comfort for before, during sessions and all of client follow-ups.

My clients show tremendous courage in wanting to change aspects of their lives for the better.

  • Confidentiality is one of my highest values when it comes to transformational healing.

Within personal issues people may attempt to hide fear and shame. Many people believe that change is difficult and when they go through conventional routes, they may gain by learning about themselves, yet they lose a bit of themselves through the process.  Once transformed, few want to remember who they were.

  • Exclusive and Systematic approaches tailored to individual needs.

Instead of applying standard approaches or ‘quick fix’ approaches to profound transformational healing, I offer systematic approaches that cover all elements that in other modalities are only touched upon if at all in terms of general awareness.  I deliver specific tools and strategies in order to allow individuals to courageously activate those internal growth modification skills that I install through treatment sessions.  I provide ongoing support with follow-up telephone calls, audio tools and progress tracking.

  • Provide lasting skills and abilities to deal with life.

Failing to have the wherewithal or courage to succumb to an old pattern of behavior that no longer exists and to activate these skills confuse people as to why they may still feel stuck.

The following are case histories hand-picked among several of my successfully treated clients. 

*Please note that names and professions have been changed to protect identities for confidentiality purposes.

Eating Disorders

Bulimia – Body Dysmorphic

Client: Kim

Female – single, undergraduate student

Kim was lead to me by her concerned boyfriend.  She has been afflicted for over seven years.  She had been to therapies with psychologists, psychiatrists and food disorder clinics.  With each treatment, she later admitted she lost herself more with each attempt.  Over time she seemed to only get worse.   Each time she felt overwhelmed by challenging situations she would resort to her old pattern of binging and purging as a coping mechanism.  Her parents had come to given up on her and they thought there was no hope.  They started to resolve themselves that she would suffer for the rest of her life. They divorced themselves from her issues in a way to protect themselves, (this is a common coping strategy).

This affected her school work, employment and every relationship in her life.  She even began to believe that this is all her life had to offer.

Process Time Frame: Four sessions and 6 telephone follow-up sessions.

What Changed

Very shortly after her initial sessions Kim noticed obvious and profound changes within herself.  Kim now feels her life’s purpose.  She knows that she deserves a loving husband and family.  She now excels in school work and is in the process of rebuilding relationships with her family and learning how to treat herself well as she establishes new and more balanced relationships.  She tried to purge and can no longer do so comfortably.  While previously she avoid mirrors and smiling in general, as she would only focus on her own limitations, she can now look into a mirror and see the beautiful young woman that others see, who radiates from the inside out.  Kim is well on the road to a great life.

In Their Words

Kim told me after her first session, “I learned more about myself in 20 minutes than in all my years in therapy.”

Food Addictions

Soda Addiction

Client: Jen

Female – single, corporate middle manager

Jen was referred to me by a colleague of hers.  She told me that she was addicted to soda which caused her to sport extra weight, feelings of being out of control, frustration and in turn, low self-esteem. Because this aspect of her life was out of balance, it took away from her family, friends and her complete ability to function at work due to caffeine and sugar highs and lows.

Process Time Frame: One session and 1 telephone follow up session.

What Changed

Her cravings disappeared. She found herself having greater clarity and mental focus in both her relationships and her work. She enjoyed more energy and as a bonus, found herself losing weight which was one of the by-products she had struggled with from her addiction.


Complex Soda Addiction

Client: Carol

Female – married, marketing executive

Carol had been addicted to diet soda for many years to the point where she would consume large quantities each day.  As a result of this addiction she often felt out of control with anxiety and underlying frustration and anger along with elements of despair.  She was also greatly concerned about proven health issues associated with sugar substitutes contained in the diet soda. This affected her work as she had always attempted to keep it secret. Because of her feelings of shame and being out of control, it not only affected her relationships with her colleagues, but also affected how she interacted with her husband, children and siblings.

Process Time Frame: Two sessions and 3 telephone follow up sessions.

What Changed

After detaching her aspects of shame and feelings of being out of control from the actual addiction, I uncovered earlier life trauma. These issues that were not dealt with had become a part of  Carol’s motivation for her addictive behavior and kept her addicted for years and hindered her healing with even previous conventional therapy.

After the sessions were completed, she felt an overwhelming sense of well-being, freed from the pull of her previous addiction. Any feelings of shame became a thing of the past, allowing her the ability to reconnect with her loved ones.  She had greater energy and focus and a higher level of self-confidence.  Above all, to this day, she still marvels at the fact that she no longer craves soda.


Severe Chocolate Addiction

Client: Diane

Female – divorced; retired

Diane seemed to suffer from a lifetime of anxiety.  She would turn to chocolate and consume extremely large quantities to cope with her anxiety. Her energy would immediately peak and then fall also leading to severe mood swings.  This would be dangerous enough for an average person, as a diabetic this path could have lead to serious complications and possibly death.

Process Time Frame: One session and 2 telephone follow up sessions.

What Changed

Before beginning with the addiction cure, I first had to break her cycle of anxiety and teach her new coping skills.  Next, I dealt with her chocolate addiction.  Her energy levels are now even and she is no longer directed by mood swings.  She can now keep chocolate in the house for company without being tempted by cravings, which she no longer has.  Her focus now is on greater nutrition which will help her control her diabetes.


Sugar Addiction

Client: Terry

Female – married; medical professional; mother of two

Before the birth of her first child Terry maintained a regular health and fitness routine.  With the stress that time constraints that was added, her health and fitness regimen fell in priority.  As her child grew, dessert sweets were now a regular part of her household. It was after the birth of her second child she noticed her pattern of sugar addiction and how she turned to these for comfort.  She felt trapped and new that she needed help.  She also had a general lack of energy and a touch of melancholy with the additional weight that she gained.  This in particular also led to the emotional distancing of her loved ones.

Process Time Frame: One session and 2 telephone follow up sessions.

What Changed

She admitted that the cookies and donuts that were once part of her everyday diet, no longer called out to her.  Her energy level was raised and she once again integrated her fitness plan into her routine. She shed the extra pounds, her confidence increased and she feels emotionally and physically closer to her loved ones.  She now is in control of her food choices.

Addictions and Compulsions

Gambling Addiction

Client: Joe

Male – married; software engineer

Joe led a secret life.  While being friendly and warm, Joe’s gambling kept him on a roller-coaster of emotion, from the feelings of being invulnerable when he won to the frustration and shame when he lost.  The stress of keeping this issue secret affected all areas of his life and put enormous pressure on his professional life.  A close relative put him in touch with me and about the same time he had to admit his addiction to his wife.  At this point he had lost more than a great deal of money, he also lost his wife’s trust.  He wanted to treat his condition in a non-public program.

Process Time Frame: One session and 2 telephone follow up sessions.

What Changed

Joe’s roller-coaster ride came to an end.  I eliminated the shame and guilt while redirecting the positive traits into aspects of his marriage, his family and his career.  Free from the need to gamble and armed with greater self-confidence, he now makes healthy choices and takes specific action toward his life goals and family plans.  In this short time he has re-established his wife’s trust and has paid off his debts.


This practice is in no way severely regimented.  As a client, you will neither lose control or lose yourself.  We use playful and powerful tools in which we re-direct limiting and sometimes dangerous patterns into far more useful  life standards that often go from bleak to empowering.