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At Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, it is important to have the resource you need. We have a number of free materials available for you to download. If you have questions about these materials or want to request other materials, please email us at the address above or just fill out the Information form on this page. Thank You!

Available Resources

Affirmations and Visualizations MP3 Report

Powerful MP3 report with exercises on effective affirmation techniques and how to make your affirmations more effective. Go beyond the standard mantra repetitions using all our senses.

Limitations of Dating Services PDF report

In-depth report containing valuable relationship tips and information on the limitations of popular dating services. Learn to recognize and filter through your own choice patterns Adjust your expectations and save yourself heartache.

Request Free Resources

Please use the information on the Contact page to request resources. Please be sure to include which resources you’d like to receive.