Relationship Rescue

Have many of your relationships fallen short of what you want and deserve? 

These fun, interactive classes are designed for men and women to individually re-evaluate relationship choices.  We have successfully offered the following 3 exciting and exclusive classes since 2005, each with their own set of modules in relationship awareness tools.

v  Attracting the Right Mr. Right for Women
v  Patterns of Attraction
v  Recognizing Your Perfect Mate

Within these classes you will learn:

  • Unconscious recognition and why we attract or are attracted to certain “types”
  • How family dynamics contribute to modeling our future relationships
  • Warning signs of ill-fated relationships
  • Identify common experiences when in the wrong relationship
  • Identify awareness when in the right relationship
  • Relationship myths and how they shape our expectations
  • How to identify aspects of common growth within a relationship
  • “What you want and what you don’t want”
  • Aspects of masculine and feminine within each of us
  • Aspects that block intimacy
  • Successfully overcome intimacy fears
  • And more…

When you feel good about yourself, things start automatically improving in all areas of your life.   You begin to attract new and positive things.  Learn and embark on exciting new thresholds that will change how you view yourself, your needs and your value.

Get a head start and get your own copy of Patterns of Attraction E-Book and begin your journey to better relationships!