“Even the best of the best needs a wordsmythe every now and then.  But any wordsmythe just isn’t good enough.  Thorough, dedication and perfection comes to mind when one is needed, and then so does the name Jeff Schoener.” – John La Valle, Co-author, Persuasion Engineering®

Techniques guaranteed to work for persuasion skills.


Interview with Confidence

Most people think of an interview in limited fashion: just for a job to be filled. The process of an interview is more than small talk.  The process is one of personal information exchange.  These skills may will be useful for individuals seeking  employment, as well as employers who want to add only the finest personnel to their company. There is a protocol in terms of interviews.  These skills are not only about interviewing for a specific position. These skills are powerful and specific communication tools.

  • Learn to recognize specific interview styles.
  • Field any interview question.


Successful Management relies on two relationship aspects: Time & Personnel


  • Learn how time can be your most valuable resource
  • Manipulate your own space and time to your advantage
  • Slow down and speed up time, not yourself to get more done
  • Access your internal time-clock to complete your goals and realize your vision.


  • Restructure old dynamics and create a winning team.
  • Use charismatic skills so others will want to do things for you.
  • Move your team to greater success utilizing their own motivations.
  • Manage your own emotional states to reduce stress
  • Decision-making: Learn what to let go and be more in control


“We are now making goal.  People hold on to the card stock fliers like they’re $100 bills!  We will never forget what you did for us and the services you rendered to Our Great Country!” – Chief Greg and Peggy Cloney, Ret. U.S. Navy Recruit,

…on individual training program for United States Navy Recruiting; designed appropriate sales attitude for overcoming objections and created powerful recruitment fliers.

Motivations are your keys to driving your sales potentials. Use them with specific impact with reliable skills and strategies for Sales.

  • Learn the reasons you are driving  your prospects away.
  • Learn the secrets of the most powerful persuasion techniques ever.
  • Learn about attitudes that make even your slowest days productive.
  • Managers! Get into the minds of your sales force.
  • Sales Professionals! Get into the minds of your clients.
  • Use your customer’s and prospect’ s motivations to successfully close the deal.

In-House Trainings & Workshops

Jeff Schoener is available for trainings for your corporate needs in management and motivational skills for all the above topics and can also custom-design your specific company or department needs. Let us know your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a complete and custom training program.  Contact us for information on half or full-days rates.