End Your Fear of Flying Rapidly

And Start Enjoying Life

  • Make those family or social group vacation plans without the stress and anxiety
  • Make those travel plans without excluding yourself from the fun or dealing with taking alternative transportation
  • Go on that dream cruise, by getting past the air travel to your departure port
  • Get there faster, more relaxed with more time to enjoy
  • Take that job that requires air travel
Have you ever wanted all of these things but were too afraid to get over your fear?

As you start tensing up around your fear of flying, when you start sweating, get short of breath, become literally frozen in fear or start a panic attack – even before you board the plane, your fear is robbing you from living, more than you know. Well-known issues around fear of flying are

  • Feeling a lack of control
  • Claustrophobia

However there are other issues presented within fear of flying that affect you far beyond these surrounding ones.

When you long to see family and be an important part of milestone events such as weddings, graduations or even holding your new grandchild, you are sadly missing important moments in your life and those of your loved ones, feeling left out as you rearrange your life around your irrational fear.

How does the scenario usually go? When burdened by the prospect of making travel or vacation plans with your spouse or family, do you

  • Cause extra stress to those involved in your plans?
  • Become the object of your spouse’s or partner’s sacrifice around your travel decisions?
  • Feel prevented from completely enjoying family and friends? Feel like the “welcomed outsider”?

Has your fear of flying affected your professional life or career? If you are forced to fly, your anxiety may keep you from performing at your peak.  Or you may have passed up the job or career of your dreams because it requires air travel.

Take this opportunity and end your fear of flying once and for all.

Your individual session will do just that! Using our proven techniques in NLP and DHE™ you will be off enjoying your life more in no time. These techniques will work for you permanently for several reasons:

We offer you an individualized approach.  While the fear is commonly shared by many, how each individual “does” their own version is quite unique to that individual.

We create a custom program for you with time-tested interventions, so that the fear patterns you have built uniquely by you will be designed uniquely for you and conquered uniquely by you.

Our sessions are fun and playful because one of our firm beliefs is that people learn better when they’re enjoying themselves.  No pain, no shame and no embarrassments! Just have fun as you feel your attitude change and your fear disappears.  All you need to be is willing and to play along.

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