Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ Training Program

Have you ever wondered what makes people become highly successful and able to apply winning strategies to important areas of their lives?  What are the principles that highly successful people use? Learn the exclusive proven techniques that have propelled mega success for many people for over 30 years.

Become licensed as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and The Society of NLP!

5-Weekend Intensive!

Who will benefit from a Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ Training Program?

This is a wonderfully powerful program of immediately accessible skill-sets for people who want to learn and utilize fast and effective verbal and non-verbal communication, understand their target client/audience on deeper levels & effect positive change and success in

  • Sales
  • Holistic and Clinical Practices
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching
  • Career and Personal Development
  • Coaching/Motivational/Public Speaking
  • Family Dynamics
Become Powerful and Persuasive!

By attending the Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ Intensive, trained by Jeff Schoener, the NLP Wordsmythe™ and certified by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming you will be able to realize the positive changes that you wish to effect in your life and the lives of others.

You will achieve greater success with powerful and exclusive tools only taught a Society Trainer.

Jeff attends and staffs annually at Dr. Bandler’s seminars in order to fine-tune his NLP skills and keep them up-to-date and consistent with The Society’s processes.  Neuro-Enhancement Strategies’  NLP practitioner intensive is taught  over a 5-weekend period.

Within this course you will learn:
  • Behavioral integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP
  • Rapport establishment and maintenance
  • Verbal and non-verbal pacing and leading
  • Calibrating through sensory experience
  • Representational Systems (Sensory predicates & accessing cues)
  • Milton Model, Meta Model
  • Elicitation of well-formed goals, direction and present-state
  • Overlapping and translating representational systems
  • Eliciting, installing and utilizing anchors in all sensory systems
  • Ability to shift consciousness
  • Sub-modalities (including utilizing Time-Lines, Belief-change, Swish Patterns)
  • Omni-directional chunking
  • Accessing and building resources
  • Content and context reframing
  • Creating and utilizing metaphors
  • Strategy detection, elicitation, utilization and installation
  • Demonstration of flexibility of behavior and attitude
  • Training Manual included

Training groups are small, personal and effective—maximum per training is 8.

In these uncertain times, the best possible investment decision you can make is the one in yourself. So invest in YOU and create infinite possibilities for your future!

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

Dates are subject to change.

Cancellation Policy: Tuition is refundable up until 14 business days
(Monday through Friday) before the start of the program only if proper
notification is given, less a non-refundable registration fee of
$350.00. No refunds after that time. Cancellation at any time will
result in the deduction of the $350.00 non-refundable registration fee.
Tuition is not transferable. In the unlikely event that a seminar is
canceled for any reason whatsoever, paid tuition will be fully refunded.
Participants are solely responsible for all travel arrangements and
expenses. Training materials are supplied for each program at the start
of the program. These are Educational seminars, not therapeutic ones.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ licensed technologies of Dr. Richard Bandler.

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