“My clients experience a specific perceptual shift aligning themselves to the possible. By, incorporating enhanced relationship awareness and dynamics, Personal Persuasion™, leading to profound internal transformation from their inside out, these transformations allow immediate letting go of behaviors my clients may have exhibited for years” – Jeff Schoener

Individual Sessions

Get the benefit of private one-on-one sessions for change, including breaking addictions and other destructive behaviors.   If you would like an alternative to long-term therapy to rapidly and safely

  • Stop smoking
  • Overcome fear of heights
  • Overcome fear of flying
  • Other kinds of irrational fears and phobia-like symptoms
  • Overcome and move beyond grief
  • Addictions and addictive behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsions

we can help and you will notice immediate and marked results.  If you are struggling with or these conditions and previously thought that standard therapy and medication were the only answers, you will be ecstatic to learn there are other ways of moving beyond them.

Read Jeff’s interview as an expert in South Jersey Magazine’s article on exercise addictions and other compulsions “Sweating it Out”.

Family / Group Sessions

Learn vital communication skills and improve relationships with parents, children, spouses, siblings or partners. Learn to recognize and quickly resolve relationship problems arising from lack of or ineffective communication, personal expectations and other road-blocks to harmonious family life. Also enhanced and advanced communication, coping and handling skills for adults and parents of children diagnosed with

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Bi-Polar Disorder

We also provide coaching for family caregivers in situations such as

  • Parents of special needs children
  • Parents of children with disabilities
  • Children or spouses (and partners) of the sick or disabled

Call us for a FREE  initial phone evaluation to determine your needs.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Before any time or meeting is scheduled, your consultant/coach will speak individually to you during your free telephone evaluation.
  • This will be the first step to your tailored program.
  • The initial consult determines the amount of time and thereby the cost of your program.
  • Then a session appointment will be scheduled.
  • A custom-designed proposal/agreement will be created for you and emailed to you.
  • All appointments are considered tentative until the client agreement is returned to us signed by the prospective client.  No sessions will be held without a signed agreement prior to your appointed session.